At Page 3 Salon, we offer distinctive hair colouring services that leave your hair with the unique and chic look you desire. Our stylists use top-quality products like Kérastase and L’Oréal, which are gentle and leave a sleek look.


Get the change of colour for your hair you seek. Our stylists are here to help you choose the colour that complements your personality and achieve a vibrant, long-lasting, uniform colour for your entire hair.

Fashion Colour

Stand out with bold, trendy fashion colours. Whether you’re looking for vibrant hues or subtle pastels, our stylists will create a look that is uniquely you and bring your vision to life.

Partial Highlights

Enhance your look with a partial highlight, leaving your hair with dimension, which creates a look of movement to your hair. Our stylists are here to deliver it in a way that compliments your look.

Full Highlights

Transform your hair with a full highlight hair colour, which adds an excellent texture and gives it a natural look when it grows out, or a natural blend that blends with your base hair colour.

Root Touch-up

Keep your hair colour looking fresh and flawless with our root touch-up service, which covers regrowth and maintains a polished appearance.


Prepare your hair for colour transformations with pre-lightening to get a radiant and vibrant effect on your desired bold hair colour.

Creative/ Ombre/ Balayage Colouring

Experience the artistry of creative hair colour techniques like ombre and balayage colouring, which gives your hair a radiant, sun-kissed look.


Revitalise your hair with a fusio-dose treatment by Kérastase for specific hair concerns like dryness, dullness or damage, and transform your hair quickly, leaving it radiant and healthy.

Olaplex Treatment

Repair and strengthen your hair with olaplex treatment, which reconnects broken bonds and repairs the damage done by chemical processing, hair colouring, and heat styling, preventing your hair from further damage.

Plex Treatment

Like Olaplex, our Plex treatment protects and restores your hair’s integrity, ensuring it remains strong and resilient through any chemical process.

Metal DX

Protect your hair from metal particles found in water with Metal DX, a pre-treatment from L’Oréal professional that prevents breakage and enhances colour results.

Kérastase Seal & Gloss

Finish your colour service with Kérastase Seal & Gloss, a treatment that locks in colour and adds a brilliant shine, leaving your hair luminous and healthy.

Volume Up Perming

Our perming service adds body and bounces to your hair, creating lasting volume and texture that’s easy to style.

Thermal Bonding (Smoothening/ Straightening)

With our thermal bonding services, you can achieve smooth, sleek hair, reducing frizz and achieving a straight, glossy finish.

Kids Cut (upto 7 years)

Our understanding and patient stylists make a fun and comfortable experience for your kids and ensure they leave with a smile and a stylish new look.

Fringe (Smoothening/ Straightening)

Keep your fringe flawless with specialised smoothening or straightening treatments tailored to maintain the perfect shape and style.

Crown Smoothening

Perfect your crown area by improving the hair’s surface, texture, elasticity, and natural shine, which gives you a clean, polished look that enhances the overall look of your hairstyle.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment increases the amount of keratin in your hair, which helps strengthen your hair, making your hair look smoother, shinier, and frizz-free.

Botox Treatment

Rejuvenate your hair with a Botox treatment that conditions and coats hair with fillers like keratin and collagen to repair damaged and broken hair fibres, leaving your hair youthful and healthy.