Trends In Nail Care

In the recent years, nail category has grown tremendous. The markets are inviting and expanding fast. The nail care business has become an ancillary option in the beauty industry to earn a steady income. Multi layered and multi-coloured nail care is trending with sophisticated techniques and effects introduced to make you stand out from the crowd. Time tested and emerging trends are creating the right ripples in the industry. Textured surfaces are also making a mark while nail embellishments studded with beads and glitters are here to stay for some more time. Accessorising the nails with jewellery is a welcome sign.

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Trends in Nail Care

Some interesting nail care tips to get you rocking!

This year you can witness a surge for nail protection. In the recent years, consumers are looking forward to anti-pollution, sun protection and anti-ageing in the nail care sector.

  • Anti-pollution is a top trend and has a global reach. There is a strong growth in the anti-pollution segment. Highly targeted products are addressing the issue in a specific manner. This includes not just hands, neck but also nails. The consumers are looking for anti-PM, anti-NOx and anti-ozone products to cleanse their nails.
  • Anti-ageing is an untapped sector as far as nail care is concerned. The protection aims at anti-ageing products that are ahead of time. The introduction of colour cosmetics for the older women needs innovation. The rise in senior population, improvement in the life expectancy rate has lead to nail care industry targeting senior consumers. Hydrating, smoothing and strengthening products are growing in popularity for the older consumers.
  • Sun protection: The exposure is high when it comes to your hands and especially nails. This only goes to prove the importance of sun protection for your hands and nails. High SPF can give long lasting protection from the scorching sun.

Other nail care trends include extensions and gel manicures. These have revolutionized the nail industry. The application improved due to the polish like appearance. It is free from acrylic and lead resulting in less nail bed damage. Extensions are a big hit among celebrities and have hit the beauty salons like a high tide.

Natural products also have undergone a tremendous transformation. The cosmetic manufacturer have advertised and labelled products such as organic, green or natural. This label indicates the products are safer and creates awareness on the impact of chemicals on the environment. Earth-friendly products are in great demand for those environment-conscious individuals.


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