Be it the times of pandemic or otherwise, hygiene should be of utmost priority in any salon.


Jun 2022

Be it the times of pandemic or otherwise, hygiene should be of utmost priority in any salon. Not just the salon space but also the tools have to be disinfected. A sterile salon is the need of the hour. Therefore, maintaining optimum hygiene levels should be the topmost priority for any salon.

The main focus of every salon should be to ensure that every client walking in should feel safe and confident regarding the hygiene levels. By creating awareness of the hygiene measures of the salon, the customers can walk in without any apprehension.

The steps that a salon can take to maintain hygiene are as follows:

  • Hand sanitizers at strategic locations in the salon make it easier for the customers to access.
  • The staff should wear a clean uniform washed in an antiseptic solution every day.
  • Every tool has to be sterilized after use.
  • The staff should be educated on the hygiene practices and the forced to follow the same.
  • Use a mask and face shield while attending to customers
  • Use of sanitizer before and after handling customers.
  • Wear hair neatly and avoid wearing false nails.
  • Use a tissue while coughing or sneezing.
  • Covered dustbins should be used in the salons.
  • Encourage contactless payment methods.

These are the measures that should be paid heed to at all times but in the times of COVID, it is all the more important that certain additional measures should be adhered to. The measures advised by the government have to be adhered to from time to time.

It includes wearing face masks, adhering to proper social distancing norms, reducing the number of clients to be allowed at any given point of time to avoid overcrowding, and reorganizing the stations so that people do not stand very close to each other.


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