No one wants to compromise when it comes to appearance. It is the reflection of your thoughts.


Feb 2022

No one wants to compromise when it comes to appearance. It is the reflection of your thoughts. Premature greying or greying with age forces both sex to colour their hairs. Not only do people with their hair pigmentation changing opt to colour their hair, but it has also become a fad amongst teenagers to shade their hair with colours from the hue palette.

Since there is no difference between hair quality of men and women, can hair colour of women be used for colouring men’s hairs too? Yes, of course. There is no difference in the product composition between hair colour of women and hair colour of men. But there are few underlying differences between the kinds of colours that are generally preferred by women and men.

Since men have short hairs, they require more frequent touch ups than what women require. That apart, as already mentioned girls and women nowadays use hair colour to create a fashion statement rather for covering their greys. It is because of this reason that woman hair colour product ranges anywhere from mahogany, burgundy to fuchsia and blue.

But men, by and large, prefer to colour their hair black or darker shades of brown. Men generally colour their hair to camouflage the greys rather for the sake of fashion. The differences between hair colour services for men and women do not end here. Men hair colour services are not limited to scalp hair only, these services also extend to colouring moustaches and beards too. Therefore, those who specialize in men hair colouring services require a different set of skills that those required for women.

It is not uncommon to see most of the men’s salons now offering an expansive range of grooming services for men, including hair colouring. In fact, this has become an integral part of Bridegroom makeup. Although Bridegroom makeup includes several grooming regimen but haircut, hair spa and hair colour are the crucial part of the process. Any prospective bridegroom who is in quest of Bridegroom makeup services to look his best on his wedding day should ensure that hair colouring services are also included in the salon package.

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