Hair color is here to stay for long, so let’s take a look at how it has transformed the beauty industry.


Aug 2022

Hair color is here to stay for long, so let’s take a look at how it has transformed the beauty industry. Gone are the days when women colored their hair simply to cover their grays. Nowadays hair colours are more of a fashion statement for even young women even without a strand of gray.

Coloring the hair is no more a brush and comb affair; today it has become more a science than art. There are many aspects involved while choosing hair color for women; it includes matching your skin tone, non-allergic ingredients, use of multi-color to create a style statement, trend, etc.

Entrusting professional hair stylists to color your hair comes with several benefits:

  • Buying hair dyes from stores limits your choice to experiment. Professional stylists customize colors to meet your styling needs.
  • Such stylists color the hair in the safest way ensuring that no harm is caused to the hair follicles. Hair colors are made up of chemicals and using the wrong product could leave irreparable damage.
  • Color right or be dissatisfied. With professionals, you can rest assured of the best results, since they know the dynamics of color they never fail you.
  • DIY dye kits do not last long and you will be forced to recolor often. Salons offer hair dye that lasts longer than the ones you get off the shore shelf, plus they have the skills and training to choose the perfect coloring products. Given the price, you are sure to get full value for money, as they is no need to keep going frequently to hide your grays. The color lasts longer than your DIY kits.
  • Hair coloring done by professionals may cost a little higher than that done at home. Consider it as an investment and on consecutive sittings, you may only have to cover the grays instead of going for full coloring.

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