Travellers are exposed to the vagaries of nature; heat, dust, humidity, pollution, etc.


Mar 2022

Travellers are exposed to the vagaries of nature; heat, dust, humidity, pollution, etc. leaving your hair messed up and dull. Just like how you take care of your skin, hair care routine is also important for a tangle free and healthy hair. Here are some simple tips that can give you excellent results even for those who are out in the open throughout the day.

1. The first and foremost tip is to have manageable hair; the word manageable differs from person to person. For some long locks are manageable and for some short hair. Before going for a vacation or on any travel ensure you have a haircut. This does not mean it should be always short, even a little trimming can keep your hair under control.

2. Irrespective of the weather conditions, your hair is prone to get damaged during travel. In order to protect your hair from injury it is important to precondition your hair. The process may take less than 5 minutes but you will see the difference it can give to your hair. Even if the wind plays with your tresses it will remain in its place!

3. To give your hair the sheen, it is advised to give a deep moisturizing treatment, a couple of days before you start your travel. You can enhance the health of your hair with regular moisturizing treatments and do any hairstyle without worries of damage.

4. Exposure to sun can hurt your hair. Covering with a scarf or cap is advised to protect your hair from sun damage. So next time when you are out do not forget to carry a hat.

5. Today, the market is flooded with hair care serums; choose the right one that suits your hair type. Consult your hair dresser / hair stylists before taking a decision.

6. Using styling products during travel is a big no, since they are greasy, it can attract dust and dirt resulting in dandruff and scalp damage.

7. Simple hair care routine with just 5 minutes preconditioning and washing your hair is the best way to maintain your hair healthy while on travel.

Select a routine that is simple and suits your hair kind for a healthy and shiny hair.


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