What should every woman carry in her makeup bag?


Mar 2020

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What should every woman carry in her makeup bag?

Is there any woman out there who does not want to look her best at all times? And no, this is not vanity, it is simply the desire to present the best side of yourself at all times. Nothing wrong in that! In fact, women should be proud of the trouble they go to, to make themselves beautiful for the world thus making the world a more beautiful place! Along these lines, one needs to also be aware of what it is that one cannot step out without. If you are wondering about what essentials you need to carry in your make-up bag, here is a simple and logical list:

A good moisturizer and then a good foundation are the first essential items in your make-up bag. They should be of good quality, suited to your skin type and the foundation should match the colour of your skin. Another make up bag essential is a good concealer. This god send make up item can work magic in hiding any less than perfect patches of skin! That flawless look from magazine cover photos can be yours with the help of the right concealer. The lips are often the most dramatic feature of one’s face, apart from the eyes of course. So it logically follows that you must have the right eye make-up and the right lipstick in you bag at all times. Even if you do not have the time of the facilities to wash, moisturize and apply foundation to completely freshen up your face, a quik dab of lipstick and a quick refresh of eye make-up can make you look stunning in seconds! The eye make-up can be whatever suits your needs best and whatever you are comfortable with. So to list the products you must have in your bag – moisturizer, foundation, concealer, lipstick, kajal/mascara/eye pemcil.

In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that though these are essential items for a woman to carry in her make up bag, true inner beauty only comes from confidence and wellness and health. Please do ensure that all your beauty regimens are fused with wellness and health to get that inner glow which external make up can never give you. Choose good quality natural products and opt for beauty services integrated with wellness!