Jan 2021

Business is back as usual post the pandemic, yet the fear resides in everyone goes to the doors of any of the hair salons in town. The customers are clouded with curiosity, eagerness and fear as they step into the salon. Though these are not crowded places, it requires intimate interaction with the client and hence maintaining social distancing becomes a challenge. Just like every challenge has a solution, the pandemic situations have forced the best hair salons to put on their thinking hats to come up with safe practices for reopening their salons.

Here are some trends that are likely to dominate this year

  • This 2021 we are going to see a lot of minimal makeup while maintain the natural texture of the skin. This means wearing less makeup and spending on skin care. Keeping the skin healthy as ever is the key to beauty.
  • French manicure may rule the roost, ranging from funky mushrooms, butterflies, smiley and floral designs. The intricate designs are left to the nail artists at Page3Salon.
  • With mask covering half your face, your eye becomes the mirror of your mood. Playing with glitters or random colours are going to be the trend this year. Bold colours or classic cat eyes are going to dominate the scene.
  • Pinterest saw knotless box braids and yarn braid styles trending in 2020. This year as a continuation, these styles are sure to be the talk of the town.
  • Curtain bangs are to be the shaping cuts of 2021. These are low maintenance stuff, yet with a flattering appeal. Moreover it is a safe way to keep your look upbeat.

Page3 Salon has adapted newer techniques to improve the hygiene and sanitation in their space. They avoid gathering people and sterilize all equipment’s that are reused. As much as possible disposable items are used for the protection of the clients. Anything that cannot be sterilized is taken out of the scene, like magazines or newspapers. The salon strictly maintains government guidelines to ensure the business is as usual. Between appointments sufficient gap is given to sanitize the place after one client leaves and before the other enters.