To “box” or not to “box”? Box colour Vs Salon colour – Everything you must know.


Oct 2020

“Lustrous Locks” and “Crowning Glory” are phrases that will never go out of fashion. They are inevitably used when describing the physical appearance of a person. Hair is always noticed. Given these facts, would you compromise on the health or styling of your hair? Of course not! There are umpteen brands and even more shades of box colours available easily in the market. Don’t fall for the temptation and the convenience. Chances are you can end up with glowing roots and darker patches and blocthy colour in unwanted tones. The finish you can get from a professional salon colourist is something you can never match with a DIY “box” colour.

Professional colourists at salons undergo years of study to reach a level where they can analyse your hair including condition, health and texture, and cater to your needs exactly. They are trained to come up with the right formula to suit your hair. One client might only need a 3% peroxide mixture while another might need a 6% peroxide mixture. The professional at the salon can calculate this but a box colour is more of a one size fits all with a uniform 12% peroxide mixture which could overwhelm the health of your hair. Not only this, trained personnel can achieve an even application. You can get access to the right bonding additives for your hair when you go professional. a professional will consider everything from the health of your hair to your skintone to your eye colour to your lifestyle and personality before mixing the right hair colour for you. No “one size fits all” approach here!

Agreed, it is easy to be deceived by the fabulous model with the perfect colour on the box but only a professional application will achieve the right colour saturation and absorption that is needed for that fabulous finish. Long term use of box colour can be extremely detrimental to the health of your hair, leaving it feeling dry and dull. Salon colour keeps hair health intact and does not damage hair with unnecessarily strong chemicals. Where cost is concerned, the longevity of salon colour almost evens out the cost as multiple applications of box colour would be needed to last that long!

Choose wisely and choose right. Salon colour over box colour anyday!