Staying Ahead – Why it is important to keep ahead of the beauty trends for success?


Feb 2020

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Staying Ahead – Why it is important to keep ahead of the beauty trends for success?

India as a country boasts the second largest youthful population in the world, numbering over 600 million people who are below 30 years of age. One can only imagine the mind-boggling possibilities this means for the beauty market. When we say the beauty market, this not only includes beauty products and cosmetics but also the booming salon and spa business which caters to multiple needs of diverse clients. The growth of the beauty and wellness market is currently at a CAGR of more than 18%. Given the number of options available in the market, one success mantra that never fails is keeping ahead of the trends.

Indian youth are educated about their beauty needs and well informed about the needs of Indian skin, given our weather conditions and lifestyle. Leading beauty brands the world over are catering to the unique needs of Indian skin to enter this booming market. There is growing awareness about the effectiveness of our ancient beauty traditions and rituals. There is a growing demand for indigenous produce and brands processed through traditional techniques such as Ayurveda. This holistic approach to beauty which is combined with wellness is a trend that endures in the Indian market unlike fleeting trends of styling and colouring or make-up.

Be it Pedicure from Salt of the Earth, Power C and Shine Like a Star Facial from Skeyndor or Instant Fusio Dose from Kérastase, we are always coming up with innovative products or trends in make-up and hairstyling or the use of the latest holistic techniques we at Page3 Luxury Salons are a trendsetter. One of the main reasons for our phenomenal growth is the identification of future trends and preparedness to cater to ever changing demands, yet remaining faithful to the individual needs of the customer, is a balancing act that we have perfected, through our holistic approach and belief that beauty and wellness are indivisible.