Skin care routine and why it is important


May 2019

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Skin care routine and why it is important

When it comes to skin care, no one pack suits all. Your skin is the largest body part and is a vital organ. You skin talks a lot about your health. The skin conditions result due to lack of nutrients in the body. Skin care is both internal and external. Intake of fibre rich food feeds the beneficial bacteria and thrives good bacteria. Prebiotic rich food like oatmeal, onion, garlic, jicama and potatoes and Probiotic supplements fights harmful bacteria. Drink plenty of clean and filtered water every day. To nourish the skin from the outside, maintain a healthy skin care routine. Wash your skin twice a day with micellar water to draw out impurities, use moisturize based on your skin type, followed by sunscreen to prevent harsh sun’s rays. Look for SPF 50+.

The challenges in skin care are growing remarkably due to the fatigued multi-step regimes and failed results. People are moving to minimalistic skin care routines to improve their looks. Here is how you can enhance your skin care routine by focusing only on the essentials. Customize your skin care schedule to meet your needs.

Facial Serum

Before you start with the moisturizer use a facial serum. It helps to hydrate your face. Different formulas of serums are available in the market, choose on that has antioxidants protecting your skins from stress and environmental damages. The reason to use a facial serum is due to its ability to lock the moisture in the skin. This is especially useful for people with dry skin. The serums help reduce the signs of early aging.


Toner removes the excess oil and cleanses the skin. Choose a toner that balances your skin pH while you prepare your skin for moisturizer. Eye cream may not be a skin care routine but can add extra value for a mature skin. It reduces dark circles, fine lines and puffiness under the eye.

Face Masks

Face mask is a must once in a week. There is different type of face masks available in the market. Choose one that suits your skin type and occasion.

  • Clay masks are effective for all type of skin from normal to oily. It is a natural detoxifier, tightening and plumping the skin. The mask contains enzymes that keeps your skin cool and soothes tenderness and redness.
  • Cream masks are suitable for dry skin types. It contains moisturizer and can revitalise the dry skin. The creams contain hyaluronic acid and can plump your skin.
  • Gel masks are ideal for people with sensitive skin, especially for those who need hydrating. The gel contains antioxidants and collagen to heal acne prone skin
  • Sheet masks is ideal for all types of skin
  • Exfoliating masks are suitable for skin types other than sensitive one. The mask removes dead skin and the fruit enzymes and hydroxy acid removes all the dirt from the deep pores leaving your skin healthy.