How our salons are corona free?


Mar 2020

Hygienic salons

How our salons are corona free?

These are uncertain times; we are confronting an unknown enemy. The beauty industry is facing the biggest challenges of all times as everything here depends on physical touch and working in close quarters. With the government closing down schools, colleges, malls and social gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus our salons in all locations have taken precautions to keep the salon functioning.

The primary measure is to allay the fears and concerns of the customers and imbibe confidence in them. What makes matters worse is the ability of the virus to survive for long duration on surfaces. Which means a non-infected person touching a contaminated surface could be exposed to the threat. Some of the steps we have taken to keep our salons corona free are below:

  1. We sanitize the space after every use with anti-disinfectants and hand sanitizers. We wipe the salon chairs and stations with disinfectant after every appointment. Door handles, phones and tools are sanitized regularly as disinfectant can break the envelope around the microbe and make it harmless.
  2. We have placed hand sanitizers at the waiting lounge, front desk, salon station to encourage clients to use it whenever they enter the salon and while inside. Corona virus can be eliminated with 60% alcohol and hand sanitizers are one of the best options.
  3. Social distancing of atleast 1m distance is crucial to prevent the spread of the virus. On this account all salon employees are asked to wear masks to contain the virus. Moreover, the staff are educated on how to dispose the masks safely too.
  4. We have ensured air purifiers are kept in salons for circulation of clean air.

We stand committed to our customers. Embrace healthy lifestyle and live safe!