Everyday Hair Care Tips


May 2019

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Everyday hair care tips

Washing Tips

Many of you may not take it in good spirits if someone says that you have not been washing your hair correctly all your life. Yet, there is not an iota of doubt on something has gone wrong in the shower. Oil your hair before washing. A massage with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil on the scalp and hair and leaving it for an hour can act as a wonderful pre-conditioning agent. Always use cool or lukewarm water on the hair. It can prevent split ends and can hydrate your hair closing the cuticles retaining the moisture.

Dilute the shampoo in half a mug of water and then wash. Massage gently with fingers in circular motion. Apply conditioner at the end to the mid end and wash in 2 minutes. Never wash your hair daily.

Drying Tips

Use a microfiber towel for a frizz free finish. No blow drying or using heating tools when your hair is wet. Use blower after it is partially dry.

Brushing Tips

Knots leads to hair breakage and here is what you can do. Detangle your hair while in the shower with a wide toothed comb with the conditioner on. It makes the hair manageable. Detangle the hair from the ends and move to the scalp to avoid breakage.

Heating Tips

Avoid heat styling your hair, if not limit the heat to once in a week. Heat can cause split ends. Using heat protectant during curling or straightening can act as a barrier and protect your locks from damage.

Sun Protection

Pollution and sun damage are the major cause for hair fall. The best way to protect your tresses is to use a scarf or hat while going out in the sun. Never step out with just oiled or wet hair, dust sticks quickly. Using hair screen can protect your hair from radiation.